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The Quintessential Guide to Monsoon

Postponing that long due Goa trip because its monsoon and the official tourist season is off? Well, think again! Monsoon in Goa is BEAUTIFUL! The rains come as a wave of relief, stealing away the heat and leaving behind a blanket of greenery. The same goes for Goa. No matter what people say, but rain-drenched Goa offers a sight to behold. Every year the rains add their own charm to this tropical paradise, making it all the more irresistible.
Goa is a quintessential, neon-filled party destination for tourist who wants that strong shot of tequila, an earful of mind-blasting EDM, and sand in their hair. But like everything else, there is a flipside to the Goan coin. Imagine the rain-touched landscape, no shacks crowding the beaches, magnificent greenery less crowded idyllic beaches, and roomy shorelines. It’s the monsoon in Goa which shows the susegad spirit of Goa when everything becomes laid back and relaxing.
Rains make the beaches prettier and nothing could be better than having your favorite beach all to yourself. Head to Mandrem, Morjim or Ashwem beach for a morning stroll or to just sit and watch sunset. These wide-open beaches have become quite hip and trendy in recent years but during the monsoon you would hardly see any crowd and with a vast expanse of golden sand beaches makes it more picturesque. It is possible to walk to Mandrem from Arambol. So, be ready to get drenched, get wet because wet is beautiful when it rains in Goa.
Visiting Goa and not visiting old Goa may be likened to visiting Rome and not visiting the Vatican! We don’t want you to sit and regret later. So, head to Old Goa while riding around the Goan landscape amidst the rains and explore the grand churches and cathedrals. Here are some of the cathedrals you must visit for their architectural beauty.
Goa’s pride, the Dudhsagar falls is at its best during the monsoons. The view is breathtaking which makes it one of the amazing monsoon activities in Goa. Stand close to the falls and it will get you completely drenched. You can take a morning train or hike up to spend some time with a spectacular view which is totally a bliss.
Monsoon in Goa brings in the joy of many festivities like; fertility feast of Sao Joao celebrated in June, the festival of St Peter in July that’s celebrated by erecting floating stages in the rivers and various cultural programmes. While in August, Divar Island welcomes the famous Bonderam Festival. The festival begins with a sparkling and vibrant parade with colourful flags and the entire island becomes lively with performances by famous local bands. Goa is well connected through all modes of transport. However, the bus can be slow and uncomfortable, so try to fly or take the train where possible.