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Places In Malaysia You Must See

South-East Asia is a beautiful and wondrous region that attracts the bulk of tourists every year. But while the majority of the tourists flock to Thailand and Singapore, Malaysia is one country that has it all and more…breathtaking sights, towering skyscrapers, tranquil islands, magnificent temples, spectacular landscaped gardens, eclectic theme parks, diverse art styles, preserved cultural icons, vibrant nightlife and gastronomical delights. As Malaysia has become a highly popular travel destination, more and more travelers ask us what we think are the best places in Malaysia. With so many alternatives to consider, choosing where to go in Malaysia from the sheer number of options of things to see, do, and experience is no easy feat! To help you get back on the right track we’ve rounded up the best places in Malaysia to serve as a frame work and to give you a head start – ready, set, GO!
When visiting Malaysia, you are obviously going to visit Kuala Lumpur, but even if you aren’t then we urge you to definitely go visit it. Unlike any other of the big Asian cities where tourists arrive to only move on to other places to visit in Malaysia or other countries, Kuala Lumpur has its own importance as a tourist destination. Besides the wonderful sights of Petronas Towers, Menara KL Tower or the Perdana Lake Gardens, there are plenty of other great tourist spots in the Malaysian capital city. Moreover, due to the mixed influence of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures, you can be well assured to be spoilt for culinary choices.
Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands are famous among the budget travelers and backpackers. But the islands are not popular just for being budget-friendly for the rest of the places to visit in Malaysia, but for their pristine beaches. Perhentian Kecil which is the smaller of the islands is the most popular one owing to its fine sandy beaches, activities such as snorkeling or undersea diving and superb night parties. Its larger brother, Perhentian Besar is more optimized for family traveler with lesser crowd, blue waters comparatively higher cost.
To anyone wanting the company of flawless natural beauty, the green and beautiful Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is the place to be. Of most of the places to visit in Malaysia and other South-East Asian destination, this is the one where you may feel the need for a warm jacket at nights. The cool weather mixed with expansive verdant tea plantations, volcanoes, and lovely trekking trails Cameron Highlands are sure to refresh you from the inside out. Visit its many strawberry farms, flower greenhouses, and scintillating butterfly gardens to make your visit worthwhile.
Selangor represents the country’s highly developed state where you will find almost everything to make your tour to Malaysia worth remembering. Equipped with a Formula One racetrack, multiple theme parks and the National Zoo of Malaysia, here’s plenty of places to visit in Malaysia. The booming shopping arcades and malls will entice you to shop till your knees give away, and once done with it you can head to the Malaysian version of Las Vegas- Genting Highlands, located atop a mountain. But Selangor is much beyond just concrete and offer natural scenic beauty in the form of Batu Caves, a Hindu shrine and river Kuala Selangor with countless fireflies lighting up the scenery and your face.