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Jalesh vs Angriya

Earlier, Luxury cruises were a distant dream for most people as they were only available at international destinations, so Indian vacationers who dreamt of a cruise holiday would head abroad to expereince a luxury cruise. Also, during that time, luxury cruise holidays could only be afforded by the highly affluent and elite class due to their exorbitant take. But now with the arrival of Jalesh Cruises and Angriya Cruises in India, this dream has become more accessible and an achievable reality for many.
While, Angriya is India’s First Ever Domestic Cruise Liner sailing from Mumbai to Goa and return, Jalesh Cruises is India’s First Premium Luxury Multi-Destination Cruise Ship, sailing on both Indian and International waters.
For every type of traveler — couples, solos, families and groups alike – both these Cruises offer the most variety of restaurants, bars, entertainment and adventures. So, which cruise ship is the best choice for you? Not sure how to find the best cruise line for you? Do not worry, we have you covered.
Though both cruises are fantastic for a perfect cruise vacation and serve everyone from couples to families, there’s something special about taking a Jalesh luxury cruise. It could be feeling like the first-class passengers in Titanic or it could be the feeling that you’re in a special place. Jalesh Cruises has more to offer in terms of entertainment, world-class performances, five-star dining, relaxation and an opportunity to visit multiple destinations around the world.
They also offer excursion options for vacationers who can take tours and see the sights of their port destinations safely and easily. In fact the 2000-passenger has an exclusive area dedicated for kids and teenagers. This cruise is truly an ideal choice for people who want high-quality entertainment and variety. There is a family-friendly atmosphere (no worries about adult-themed shows), great service, absolutely gorgeous views, and everything that’s magical about Jalesh. You will find cruisers of all ages aboard a Karnika ship.
On the other hand, Angriya Cruises is considered a budget cruise line but offers some great entertainment and dining experiences, similar to Jalesh. The journey onboard this 131 cm long ship, which plies between the popular Mumbai-Goa route, begins with a breath-taking view of sunset in the Arabian Sea and ends 14 hours later with another spectacular sight of sunrise along the Konkan coast. It is a great cruise line to start with since it’s very affordable and offers a good variety of activities.