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  • NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance is in the home stretch of its journey to Red Planet

    The long deep-space journey of NASA’s next Mars rover is nearly over. The car-size Perseverance rover, which launched on July 30 of last year, isRead More

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  • ‘Flatliners’ still have heartbeats left. But death comes within 5 minutes.

    During the death process, the heartbeat often stops and starts. Death is not a linear process. New research finds that it’s fairly common for theRead More

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Can people be allergic to exercise?

Some people break out in hives.

Imagine a woman has a few drinks one night, pops some ibuprofen in the morning for her hangover, and goes for a run. She’s never had an issue with alcohol, ibuprofen or exercise before. But this time, some combination of the three triggers a life-threatening allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis.

This is a real case that happened to a patient of Dr. Andrew Murphy, an allergist at Suburban Allergy Consultants in Pennsylvania. So, is it possible to be allergic to exercise?

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World’s smallest reptile fits on your fingertip

The Madagascar chameleon Brookesia nana measures half an inch long, and may be critically endangered.

The world’s smallest male reptile can fit right on your fingertip — if its massive genitals don’t get in its way.

Meet Brookesia nana, an extremely tiny species of chameleon from the rainforests of northern Madagascar. Researchers recently described one male and one female of the species in a study published Jan. 28 in the journal Scientific Reports, and they were stunned by the male’s particularly wee dimensions. Measuring just half an inch (13.5 millimeters) from snout to cloaca (that’s the multipurpose hole reptiles use for both excretion and reproduction), the fully grown male is the smallest adult reptile ever described.

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Can moms pass COVID-19 immunity to their newborns?

If a woman catches COVID-19 during pregnancy, can her baby pick up any immunity to the virus in the womb? Early data hint that the answer is yes, but many questions still remain.

In a new study, published Jan. 29 in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, scientists analyzed blood samples from more than 1,470 pregnant women, 83 of whom tested positive for antibodies for SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, at the time of delivery. Umbilical cord blood samples from the majority of babies born to these women also tested positive for antibodies, suggesting the babies picked up this passive immunity.

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Stunning eagle sculpture uncovered at sacred Aztec temple in Mexico

It is around 600 years old.

A striking 600-year-old Aztec sculpture depicting a golden eagle has been uncovered in an ancient temple in Mexico, archaeologists with Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) announced Monday (Jan. 25).

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Best Places to Visit in February

Tokyo is the glitzy face of Japan with the giant pedestrian crossing at Shibuya where you’ll spot the legendary Japanese salaryman and the hipster Harajuku neighbourhood. Kyoto on the other hand is where the country’s heart lies. Step back in time to a land of geishas and samurais as you explore Kyoto’s imperial palace, castles, pagodas and museums. Wander through the narrow, winding streets of Fushimi and sip on some sake in the land that time forgot. The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the heart of the country. A T-shaped island that projects into the Persian...

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Best Things To Do In Himachal Pradesh

The historic railway line running from Kalka in Haryana to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh is probably the best known scenic journey in the world. The six-hour, 60-mile journey through 103 tunnels, over 988 bridges, around 917 curves spanning across 20 stations traverses a sensational breathtaking landscape, past dramatic mountains, verdant valleys, lofty waterfalls, glaciers, carpets of green forests, rushing rivers and abundance of wildlife. The Toy Train’s 96-kilometre narrow gauge track through the Shivalik foothills of the Himalayas is ranked among the best heritage railways in the world and also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What makes this journey even more memorable are the panoramic views you get left, right and centre throughout the whole ride. And it offers about...

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Jalesh vs Angriya

Earlier, Luxury cruises were a distant dream for most people as they were only available at international destinations, so Indian vacationers who dreamt of a cruise holiday would head abroad to expereince a luxury cruise. Also, during that time, luxury cruise holidays could only be afforded by the highly affluent and elite class due to their exorbitant take. But now with the arrival of Jalesh Cruises and Angriya Cruises in India, this dream has become more accessible and an achievable reality for many. While, Angriya is India’s First Ever Domestic Cruise Liner sailing from Mumbai to Goa...

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Ladakh – It Can’t Get Better Than This!

I went to Ladakh reluctantly. I returned reluctantly. That in a nutshell sums up my pre and post Ladakh experience. If you think, mountains are mountains and you’ve seen one, you’ve seen it all. Go to Ladakh. If you think deserts are arid and greenery can only be in the form of a mirage. Go to Ladakh. Needless to say, I came back reformed, humbled and an ardent ambassador of the...

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Most Beautiful Places In Bangkok

A favourite with locals and visitors alike, this northen Thai isle has plenty to offer. Koh Samet, sometimes also written as Ko Samed, is a small, 6.5 km long island on the eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand. This small slice of paradise is the perfect getaway for some mid-week relaxation and on weekends the island becomes an adventure playground for the hard-working folks of Bangkok. In 1981 Koh Samet was declared part of the Khao Laem Ya–Ko Samet National Park and, with its beautiful white sands, stunning turquoise waters and lush green forests, it’s clear why. Pranburi beach is located...

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Must see Thailand attractions

Issan is nothing but a region comprised of 20 provinces in the northeast corner of Thailand, which shares borders with Laos and Cambodia. As the largest region in Thailand, tourists to Isaan can get pleasure from meeting locals who are extremely happy to see travelers. Further, it is home to mouthwatering dishes, which are quite different from other popular Thai foods. Situated just northeast to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai is a well-known alternative to Chiang Mau for tourists and travelers who are interested in a bit more thai culture. Even though Chiang Rai gets hold of its share of resident and tourist expats; numerous museums, temples, cultural centers and markets provide a genuine peek at the Northern Thailand culture. Mae Hong Son is located in the northwest corner of Thailand just close to the border of Myanmar. It is a quiet town often still-off the tourist radar. With tremendously developed Pai located on Route 1095 just to the south of Mae Hong Son, it has become a popular...

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Places In Malaysia You Must See

South-East Asia is a beautiful and wondrous region that attracts the bulk of tourists every year. But while the majority of the tourists flock to Thailand and Singapore, Malaysia is one country that has it all and more…breathtaking sights, towering skyscrapers, tranquil islands, magnificent temples, spectacular landscaped gardens, eclectic theme parks, diverse art styles, preserved cultural icons, vibrant nightlife and gastronomical delights. As Malaysia has become a highly popular travel destination, more and more travelers ask us what we think are the best places in Malaysia. With so many...

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The Best Places to Visit in India

Affectionately known as the ‘Lake District of India’, Nainital is one of the most beautiful hill stations in North India and widely famous for its surreal landscapes, lofty mountains and dreamlike lakes. Surrounded by mountains on three sides Nainital is located around the beautiful lake Naini. Where can you go wrong with a beautiful mountain lake flanked by impossibly gorgeous villages? Yes! Lake Naini really is the jewel in Nainital‘s sparkling crown. There are scenic views from the lakeside promenade of calm waters backed by the rolling hills, as well as, excellent arrangements for boating on the lake. It’s also a paradise for budget-friendly travelers as it’s an easy, walkable city. Despite its popularity, it still won’t break your budget. The accommodation here is the most affordable, and you can get the best of stays with the price you pay for a small room in the bigger cities. When it comes to mountains, you can’t go wrong with Ooty, which is known for some of...

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The Quintessential Guide to Monsoon

Postponing that long due Goa trip because its monsoon and the official tourist season is off? Well, think again! Monsoon in Goa is BEAUTIFUL! The rains come as a wave of relief, stealing away the heat and leaving behind a blanket of greenery. The same goes for Goa. No matter what people say, but rain-drenched Goa offers a sight to behold. Every year the rains add their own charm to this tropical paradise, making it all the more irresistible. Goa is a quintessential, neon-filled party destination for tourist who wants that strong shot of tequila, an earful of mind-blasting EDM, and sand in their hair. But like everything else, there is a flipside to the Goan coin. Imagine the rain-touched landscape, no shacks crowding the beaches, magnificent greenery less crowded idyllic beaches, and...

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The Ultimate Guide for a Dubai

The Ultimate Guide for a Dubai The Emirate of Dubai is the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates and has witnessed drastic transformation over the last 20 years. For the tourist, this rich mix of cultures has created a feast for the eyes, spirit, stomach and shopping bag. The ever-employed builder is in the process of drilling the world’s first underwater luxury resort, apart from a...

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Things You Should Do In Malaysia

Malaysia is an easy place to travel for FIRST-TIME visitors! Located just south of Thailand, it is considered a tropical paradise in the heart of Southeast Asia. Malaysia tourism is best known for its beaches, natural beauty, landscapes, and impressive scenery. Its capital, Kuala Lumpur houses the tallest twin towers in the world, while its islands are home to a number of beautiful dive areas...

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Tips To Be A More Responsible Traveler

Making a trip to a new place or even as a returning tourist is always exciting and produces new impetus. Beyond personal pleasure, not many stop to think about what the impact of that tourism is. This could touch on the environment, policing, or the local economy. Becoming a global traveler comes with an added layer of responsibility. We should think about how to make the places we visit...

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Top Things You Didn’t Know About Central Park

Central Park in New York City is one of the most amazing parks that is famous all over the world. Anyone who is ‘Friends’ fan would know that’s the place where Phoebe lived. And who can forget the amazing ‘Central Perk’ coffee house from Friends, which was the famous coffee house where the gang spent most of their tie. But then, Friends is not the only reason people remember and visit...

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Why Bhutan Is The Happiest Country In The World?

Do you want to go for a spiritual quest amidst picturesque hills and vast green landscapes? If you do, then there is arguably no other place in the world as good as Bhutan. Touted as the happiest country in the world, Bhutan is a nation rife with beauty and peace. One look at the place and you will surely want to know more about Bhutan and its serenity. It is a landlocked country that shares...

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